July 24, 2019

Welcome Box


Hey fellow nomads–

If you’re reading this, chances are you love the outdoors just as much as us. If you’re a member already we truly appreciate all the support. If you aren’t, boy, do we have something rad for you. In case you didn’t know, we ship monthly themed boxes, packed with innovative gear from premium brands, with an outdoor challenge to match, we call it trip-inspiration.

From shipping 36+ unique monthly box themes and hundreds of thousands of individual gear items, we’ve learned a thing or two about what gear people love. We took that insight, packed it into a “Welcome Box” (your first box) and created some exclusive gear with partner brands (only available to Nomadik Members) to make sure you’re extra stoked to get out and adventure this summer.

No surprises here, below is exactly what you’ll get inside this limited-edition Welcome box:

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Lawson Parachute Hammock and Suspension System (Nomadik Exclusive)

Lawson is a top rated hammock brand by Outside Mag and Backpacker Mag, so we partnered with them to create an exclusive product, just for our members. Time to level up your summer gear-game! This Parachute Hammock is compact, lightweight and includes rope + carabiners (no need for pricey extra accessories). It’s stronger than your normal hammock and stretches out to 95”x55” !


UCO Stormproof Matches

Waterproof? Yep. Windproof? Yep. Submersible? Yep. Matches that burn for 7 minutes? Yep. Get your fire started like a boss, regardless of the conditions. These will light after being submerged in water. Made from bagasse, a sugarcane by-product, this is used around the world as a renewable biofuel, much more friendly for the environment.


Noso Gear Repair Kit (Nomadik Exclusive)

Extend the life of your apparel, tent, hammock and other gear. Kiss the tape goodbye, and say hello to Noso Patches. Made of thin, lightweight, nylon rip stop fabric and a strong, press on, machine washable and dryable adhesive. These move with your fabric without gumming up on the sides. Application is as easy as a sticker, crack and peel release liner, press on, and throw in dryer if you want a permanent patch solution.


Skratch Labs Hydration Mix

Whether you’re hiking, running, surfing, swimming or climbing, Skratch Labs replaces the electrolytes lost while sweating, without adding stuff body doesn’t recognize. Don’t panic, it’s organic!  Skratch hydration mix is all natural, verified non-GMO, gluten free, dairy free, vegan and Kosher. When it comes to getting your hydration right, this is as simple as it gets.

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*This is a limited-edition collection, with limited quantities available, order today to guarantee your spot. To learn more visit –> SEE BOX PLANS !