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May 15, 2016

Photo Interview: Grant Conzaman

The Photo Journey blog series was designed to help our adventurers communicate memories and feelings that are hard to put into words. This lets our adventurers answer questions with images in hopes of conveying what their mind replays as they think of all the places they have gone.

Grant is an Ex-Google employee turned Central Coast Nomad and knows every secret spot between Oxnard and The Lost Coast. When he’s not helping us out with supply chain/logistics he’s hiking into the most remote locations along the California Coast to channel his inner Bear Grylls.


What got you into adventuring/exploring?

1 living in northern california

Sketchiest situation you’ve been in?


One image that describes yourself? (looks like you’re too deep bud!)

11.JPG always a little too deep

What does “The Nomadik” mean to you?


Favorite mode of transportation when being “Nomadik”?


What’s your favorite food?