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September 26, 2016

Big Sur: Adventure + Product Testing


Have a look at some insane imagery & what our adventurers are saying about some of the gear we tested!


Product Feedback:

Speaqua Barnacle + Speaker: “This thing is a straight game-changer! Not only is it Bluetooth, but the 4GB flash drive lets me load on 900 songs so I don’t even need my phone. It’s basically a speaker version of the iPod shuffle but it’s 100% waterproof, floats, and has suction cup.” – Sean Santiago @whatisasanti

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Product Feedback :
” The Brunton Torpedo Charger blew me away, I was able to charge my phone twice and you don’t need a wall outlet. I charged it up in the car and threw it in my backpack- came in very handy to give my electronics some extra life.” – Sean Han

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