October 19, 2017

Interview & Tips on British Columbia/Alberta


1) Hi Jenni & Chase tell the readers a little about yourself and why you’re passionate about the outdoors (then we’ll get into your trip)

My name is Jenni and I’m 22 years old. I’m a huge animal lover (especially obsessed with cats),  a photographer and I’ve been vegan for 4 years. I am passionate about holistic health and I love all forms of art. I am a spiritual person and I love being immersed in nature because it’s incredible beauty and healing properties. I love exploring the outdoors because it makes me feel free and at home at the same time. I especially love the ocean, the mountains and forests.

My name is Chase, I’m 27, I’m a self taught photographer and I have traveled to 25 countries. Whether I’m back country camping or hiking mountain summits, I love being outdoors as much as possible. The reason I love getting outdoors is because I’m completely obsessed with the never ending beauty and the artistic side of nature’s perfect imperfections. My favorite landscapes are mountains, lakes and oceans. Growing up in Alberta I was extremely lucky to have the Rockies in my backyard.


2)  Alberta & British Columbia (Canada) have so many gems to explore, tell us about your recent trip through the Canadian Rockies? Where all did you guys go?

Recently, Chase and I went on a week long mountain adventure through the Canadian Rockies. We started off our trip by hiking through Kananaskis and back country camping then hiked the tent ridge trail. This was an incredible, unique (and cold) experience. After that hike, we spent some time canoeing in Banff National Park at Two Jack Lake, Moraine Lake and Lake Louise. Canoeing on Lake Louise was my favorite part of the trip, The setting was so serene and dreamy and the sun was just starting to set so the bright blue lake was sparkling and had a warm hue to it. It was such a magical experience.

We camped in Lake Louise that night and went to Emerald Lake in Yoho the next morning where went hiking and drove down the Icefield’s Parkway stopping by and exploring Herbert Lake, Bow Lake, and Peyto Lake on our way towards Jasper. While in Jasper we went to the famous Spirit Island on Maligne Lake. We were really lucky to see a moose cool down in the lake, and a small black bear roaming through the forest. We also explored Medicine Lake and Maligne Canyon. At night we photographed the Milky Way that was surrounded by a mountain lighting storm at Edith Lake and front country camped that night in Jasper. On our last day, on our way home we also visited Athabasca Falls and Swapta Falls. The Canadian Rockies are absolutely breathtaking and a must visit for everyone! The sights that you will see along the Icefield’s Parkway will blow your mind and the Lakes such as Lake Louise is so incredibly unique and special.



3) What was a “not-so-popular” or “off-the-grid” place that surprised you the most? And why?

The Tent Ridge Trail was a surprise because for the ease of access, proximity to Calgary and incredible views of Spray Lakes at the summit. We were shocked to only see two other groups in the two days we spent there. (see image below!)


4) Give us 5 essential items to pack when adventuring through BC/Alberta?

1- Chase will laugh when I say this, but the most essential item you need to pack is warm clothing! It’s gets cold over in Alberta and parts of BC even in the summer. The weather can change drastically so layers are key. You’re going to be spending most of your time outdoors so you want to make sure that your warm and comfortable.

2-You will definitely want to bring a camera to capture the unique beauty of the Rockies, glaciers, magical bright blue lakes and lush forests.

3- You should also pack a good pair of comfy hiking boots with good ankle support if you’re planning on doing any mountain adventures and hiking.

4- Another item that is handy to bring to the Rockies would be a comfortable daypack to carry your layers, camera, water and anything else you might need.

5- Last but not least, an all season tent would be a great item to pack because there is nothing better than waking up to nature at your feet. Camping is a must when you’re in the beautiful Rockies and being prepared with an all season tent is the best way to stay warm and get a good nights sleep when the temperature drops at night.


5) What are 3 tips somebody should know if planning to visit?

1-Spotting wildlife is pretty common in the National Parks, and it’s so so important to please not interact with the animals, stay in your car if you spot them on the road and let them be. When we were there, we saw quite a few people who were trying to get really close to the animals, getting out of their cars to get a closer photo of a bear etc. and even though you might not be scared of them, if anything were to happen where the animals attacked you, they will have to put the animal down and that’s just heart breaking so make sure that you keep these animals and yourself safe and let them thrive in nature uninterrupted.

2- If you’re looking to get some amazing photos while you’re in the mountains, you definitely want to be waking up for sunrise. The mountains change from blue to a beautiful coral pink as the sun starts to rise and it is a must see and capture if you are into photography.

3-If you’re planning on doing any hiking, when you first arrive pick up some bear spray. You can find it at MEC and assorted mountain sports shops in town. You can’t bring it on your flight and it’s really important to be prepared in case of a close contact situation. It’s illegal not to carry it while you’re doing any hikes in the National Parks.



6) What does The Nomadik mean to you?

Nomadik means going where ever adventure excites you. Whether that’s in nature near your city, a long road trip away or across the world, it means exploring places that you’re drawn to and always following your desire for adventure where ever it takes you.


7) Any last words?

If you are planning to canoe while you’re in Alberta you should check out our blog post on the best places to canoe here: and our website will be launching  soon so watch out for more adventure and vegan tips!

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