June 06, 2019

5 Hammock Health Benefits

1. Improve Your Focus

The slow swaying motion you get by being in a hammock triggers the prefrontal cortex of the brain, this applies focus to your mental state and has been directly tied to the alleviation of ADD. If you want to get more work done during the day, try adding hanging in your hammock to your daily routine! Also, since you are getting a better sleep in your hammock (see #2) you are going to have more energy to focus, which increases overall productivity throughout the day.

2. Improve Your Sleep

Because of that same swaying motion and zero pressure points, hammocks helps you fall asleep quicker and drastically improves the quality of sleep compared to a normal bed. Improved sleep means you will wake up feeling refreshing, energized and positive. Into napping? A hammock is the way to go!

*Fun Fact: Hammocks have been proven to help with insomnia.


3. Reduce Stress

Stress is part of our lives where we like it or not. Hammocks have been proven to help you relax faster and reduce unnatural stress levels from the body. Less stress means more happiness and an improved quality of life. After a hard day at work, school, in the car, or on the trail lying in a hammock is the perfect way to unwind.


4. Improve Blood Circulation

Hammocks elevate your upper body and allow for better circulation to the head. This has tons of health benefits such as getting rid of congestion, reduces toxins in the body, improves blood pressure, and can even help clear your skin.

5. Help With Muscle Aches

Because there’s zero pressure points, hammocks force your body to relax and can help improve backaches and joint aches. Chiropractors regularly recommend patients try sleeping in a hammock to reduce stress on their back.  Say goodbye to waking up sore, and say hello to waking up ready to crush the day!


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