July 02, 2019

5 Epic Summer Adventures


5 Epic Summer Adventures

With our Nomadik Community being across the globe and everyone having a different budget and amount of free time, we wanted to give you all an epic Not-So-Average Bucket List so you can level-up your summer adventurers. We have a couple fun trip ideas that anyone can do, regardless of where you’re located. And, we have a couple that are more planned and location-based. It’s fun, challenging and stimulating to do something new with your friends. What are you waiting for? Grab your crew, plan your trip, get outdoors next weekend and Be Nomadik!

Cannonball contest

Find a legit waterfall (or swimming hole) close to where you’re located. For some of you that might be a short drive, for others, you might have to take a little road trip! Ideally you want some kind of fresh-water swimming hole that’s at least 6 feet deep. Pack up your lunches and hike into your spot, post up and relax. Each person takes a turn trying to do the biggest cannonball possible while everyone scores them from 1-10, have fun and be safe!


Kayak Attack!

Nothing like a good-old river race, loser buys a round of your favorite frosty beverage afterwards! Grab your friends and form teams of 2. Get some kayaks, canoes or inner-tubes and coordinate a pick-up and drop-off. Props, funny outfits and water toys are heavily encouraged.

*Pro Tip: Put a Stream Machine (Water Blaster) inside your backpack to blast your friends in the face, if this doesn’t get you out of last place, you should just throw in the towel :)

Whitewater Rafting on the Colorado River

If you’re an adrenaline junky, like most of us here at The Nomadik, whitewater rafting is a perfect summer activity to mix it up. You’ll experience moments of pure thrill, times of absolute serenity, a feeling of togetherness with your group, and a deep connection with nature – all of which combine to create a truly life-changing experience. You’ll learn about the history and geology of the mighty Colorado River. At the base of the Grand Canyon is the Colorado River, a famous spot for whitewater rafting. (You don’t actually have to hike into the Grand Canyon to do a whitewater rafting trip, however, there are many spots along the 1,450-mile-long river where you can start your adventure.)


Packraft Utah’s Canyonlands

A step above whitewater rafting is pack-rafting, which combines rafting with hiking, back-packing, mountain-biking or any other mode of transportation. A packraft is small (generally for 1 person), lightweight (less than 5 pounds) and inflatable raft. Don’t be fooled, these are small, but you can use them to float rivers, run rapids or even cross saltwater bays and fjords! They can fit in your backpack, on your bike or in a duffel bag. These can be simple and fun for little kids on local lakes or a necessary tool for off-grid backcountry adventures! Utah has some epic areas to do this, but they ca  n be used with any body of water.


Hiking in Washington

On a clear day in Seattle, look to the southeast and notice a 14,410-foot, white-capped mountain rising in the distance. That lofty peak is Mount Rainier, an 85-mile drive south of Seattle. There are a lot of challenging climbs in Mount Rainer National Park—the most extreme of which will require you to have a lot of experience and special equipment. The good news is that you don’t necessarily have to summit the mountain. Instead, take one of many day hikes around the mountain. Some of the favorites are: Skyline Trail, Glacier Basin, Spray Park and Mount Fremont Lookout! Glacier Basin is our favorite because of the magnificent views of Mount Rainer and the enormous Emmons Glacier–essentially viewpoints every step of the way, plus there’s a little bit of meadow and forest!

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